System Update for July 17 – Sept 7

REPORTER Highlight: Best Practice for Webinars When setting up a webinar instance, you are required to enter the URL for the webinar.  If your link is not yet available, use the following link instead: . For more information about instances formats, such as ‘Webinar’, click here!


  • Below are the highlights of the recent updates to the REPORTER production environment, a full list and additional details can be seen here.
    • Corrected an issue causing generic error messages to appear on the home page for some users
    • Course / Instance
      • Course Admins now have access to Create LMS Posts from within their instance. This means that registrants who registered prior to the instance being connected to Moodle can now be manually connected by the Course Admin. Click here to see the help documentation for this new option.
      • Fixed an issue with instance creation that allowed users to bypass required payment functions in the cart
      • Retroactively corrected instances set to have certificate programs enrollment as a restriction, but did not have a specific program selected.
      • Updated Webinar instances to allow for more flexibility with webinar links. The link will no longer go out with the Registration Confirmation email but will be available in REPORTER via the “Go to Webinar” button under Upcoming Courses.
    • Compliance Requirements
      • Now auto dismissing Attention Required notifications related to required training that has been completed.
      • Now displaying a message directing registrants to the location of the course when they choose the ‘Register’ button on a required course for which they are already registered.
      • Corrected an issue related to the ‘More Detail’ reports available for Compliance Requirements. All data should now show as expected, including Employee Class, OUC, Supervisor and Name
      • Added clarifying messaging around the bulk assignment import process to make it more obvious to admins if they are running an Assign vs. an Assign&Register process.
      • Added additional flexibility with the Participant Liaison role. We can now assign on a 4 digit OR 2 digit OUC. This role is designed for departmental HR reps and does still require a SAR request.
    • Protection of Minors
      • Fixed an issue causing generic errors to show and Staff/Volunteer information to load incorrectly
      • Final Roster Upload reminders are no longer being sent for session within program forms that are “Finalized” or “Cancelled”
      • Now requiring Start and End Date fields in the Protection of Minors compliance form – this includes both recurring and non-recurring programs.
    • Financial Administration
      • Added additional options for the refund status field
      • Removed “Edit” button in the Price and Discount fields of the instance financial section. Pricing/Discounts should still be set up under Manage Setup > Financials
      • Added search fields to Financial Recon & Refund History reports
      • Added a field for “Quantity of Add-Ons” on the Order Summary and instance financials

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