Update for Dec 4 – Dec 15

  • The REPORTER production environment was updated with the following changes:
    • Added an email confirmation field for REPORTER external account creation
    • Updated Invalid Orders financial report
    • Fixed an issue with handling duplicate records in bulk registration files.
    • Fixed several issues with Compliance Reports and Email messages:
      • Fixed an issue with the Most Recent Completion dates populating in the Compliance reports on both the Requirement and Course level
      • Fixed an issue with the View/Export More Detail option in the Compliance reports. ┬áPlease note if the report contains a large number of participants it can take longer to load
      • Removed the limit that prevented the export of Compliance reports with more than 1000 rows
      • Fixed an issue with the Out of Compliance email for Compliance Contacts to include the name of the Requirement
      • Fixed an issue with Compliance due dates and Compliance statuses that caused some users to incorrectly receive an Out of Compliance email message
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