Update for June 18 – 29

System Updates

  • The REPORTER Production environment will be updated tonight, June 29th from 7-10pm.   Please note that guests logging in with accounts that do not end in @ncsu.edu will experience an outage during this time.  
  • The following changes will be included in this week’s update:
    • Implementation of a new Guest Account system for creation and maintenance of external REPORTER accounts.  Additional details about Guest Accounts can be found here.
    • All Guest users will need to change their password the first time they log in to REPORTER after this maintenance
    • Upon creation of a new Guest account, an additional profile details page will open to enter employer information, address and phone number.  
    • Updated the shopping cart layout for improved user experience
    • Added a direct link to the course catalog on the REPORTER landing page (before logging in)
    • Updated the wording for the label above the Guest Login button
    • Added help bubbles to the login box to explain the difference in log in options
    • Updated the mobile pages to match new guest accounts and cart items changes
    • For $0 online instances integrated with Moodle, we are now including wording in registration emails about how to launch the courses
    • Fixed an issue causing requirement archiving to time out
    • Added the ability to include HTML formatting in the requirement assignment message field
    • Added Non-Degree Seeking (NDS) Students to the weekly student update
      Financial Updates
    • Additional cart items, such as sponsorships, can now be added to instances with financials. Click here for details
    • Course Admins can now configure pricing by date ranges (i.e. early bird or late registrations) – click here for more details
    • Additional reports have been added to accommodate the new cart items, including an additional report specific to additional cart items
    • The Order Summary has been updated to add additional cart items.  
    • Changed the report title ‘Financial View’ to ‘Registration Financial View’

Support Resources and Training Updates

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