Update for 8/20 – 8/24

System Updates

  • The REPORTER Production environment was updated this week with the following functionality:
    • Expanded Learning Outcomes field to 2000 characters
    • Required Billing Project ID field for instances with Financials
    • Updated note on catalog calendar view (to include webinars)
    • Fixed an issue with the View/Export More Detail button timing out on large requirements
    • Fixed an issue causing payment due dates to calculate incorrectly
    • Fixed an issue that produced an error when Compliance Admins ran large Assign & Register groups
    • Development on certificate programs is nearing completion.  With this update, you may notice program sections starting to appear on the dashboard and course.  Additional information will be available once program development is complete.
  • The REPORTER Team will be demonstrating the new Certificate Programs development on August 31st.  If your department offers Certificate Programs and would like to create and track them through REPORTER, please email reporter_support@ncsu.edu.


Support Resources


User Help Highlight: Integrating Instances with Moodle

  • Users can register here for online training that will guide them through the integration process and what it means.
  • As a reminder, once a user completes all of the required content in Moodle, it can take up to 2 hours for that credit to apply in REPORTER. We recommend notifying users to wait up to 24 hours after completion before expecting completion. This will reduce the number of questions you receive from users who’ve just completed.
  • In order to provide participants the easiest access to their content, we recommend including these instructions in your Registration Confirmation Notes for any instances integrated with Moodle:
    • To access this course please follow these steps:
      1. Login using your Unity ID at go.ncsu.edu/reporter
       Once logged in, find the title of the course under Upcoming Courses
      Click the blue Access Online Content button to launch the course
  • Verify a user’s completion (Moodle integrated instances): What to do if a user says they’ve completed the Moodle content but not received credit in REPORTER.
  • Verify Completions when using Moodle w/ REPORTER: How to verify all users who have completed the Moodle content are marked complete in REPORTER; and fill in missing completions.



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