Update for 12/3 – 1/1

System Updates

  • The REPORTER Production environment was updated Thursday evening, December 20th, with the following functionality:
    • Certificate Programs
      • Added Copy function for program creation
      • Added support for mobile registration to Certificate Programs
      • Added Certificate Programs section on Training Summaries
    • Compliance
      • Added a compliance history tab to the ‘View Assigned Participants’ compliance view. This tracks assignments, unassignments, due date adjustments, warnings, and completion records.
      • Updated the unassignment confirmation message so that only one popup is generated when unassigning groups of people
      • Corrected an issue where alternate courses were not updating properly when other required courses were completed
      • “View Registrants not assigned” report was not including unassigned users who were still registered
      • Updated the information displayed on the ‘Manage Assignments’ page
      • Added columns and search fields for Requirement and Course ID to the “View/Export More Detail” report available in Compliance by Participant
    • Financials
      • Improved the payment process to avoid timeout errors and reduce high traffic issues
      • Fixed an issue preventing project ID/revenue account codes from populating in reports for orders refunded due to over payments
      • Added additional statuses to the Invalid Orders tab
      • Updated the Credit Card Recon page with additional search fields
      • Added support for multiple refunds on the same order
      • Added additional fields to the Transactions Details and Financials View reports to specify whether the money has been transferred to the revenue account
    • Additional Items
      • Updated the course catalog to remove the “Online” heading and instead write the word “Online” in that column if the format for the instance is online.
      • Updated the messages to users when they register for an instance connected to Moodle to more accurately reflect the next steps
      • Added functionality for ‘Protection of Minors Compliance Dashboard’ and associated tracking


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Happy Holidays from the REPORTER Team!

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