System Updates for 4/10 – 5/2


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Featured Development

  • Youth Registration functionality, including the creation of family (parent/child) accounts, has been added to REPORTER. The Wilson College of Textiles will pilot Youth Camp Registration, with initial registrations beginning Friday, May 3rd.  Please email if your department has an interest in using REPORTER for youth registrations.
  • The transfer process has been improved to allow for transfers between instances with different price points: Participant Guide to Transfers


The REPORTER Production environment has been recently updated with the following functionality:

  • Registration Improvements
    • Improved the navigation for Guests creating new accounts.  Once the account is created, we are now returning them to a REPORTER page that only displays the “Guest Login” option.
    • Fixed an issue preventing some users from clearing their cart
    • Corrected an issue with instance enrollment restrictions preventing checkout
    • Improved the registration process to run more efficiently during high demand registration windows
    • Updated the Registration Notification email to send only once for pay later orders
  • Transfer Updates and Improvements
    • Improved transfer submission page for clarity
    • Transfers are now available to instances of the same course that are different prices
      • REPORTER will calculate the difference between instances and charge or refund as appropriate
    • Added additional information for transfer records within registration history reports
    • Updated email messages associated with transfers
    • Updated the transfer request tab for Course Administrators under the ‘Manage Courses’ dashboard
  • Course/Instance Updates
    • Improved the process for reordering registration questions
    • Improved all Instance Rosters, including adding additional student information and fixing a department name display issue
      • Primary Roster: Found on the Roster tab of the instance, now includes staff/faculty/student status
      • View/Export More Detail: A button on the roster tab, will provide details most relevant for internal NC State registrants
      • Additional Roster Information: A button on the roster tab, will provide financial info and details most relevant for external/guest registrants
  • Certificate Programs Updates
    • Added the ability to email the Certificate Program roster and apply search fields to email portions of the roster – from the ‘View Participants’ page
    • Certificate Admins can now add elective items after participants have registered for the program
    • Fixed an issue preventing Certificate Program Admins from viewing and responding to drop requests
  • Required Training Compliance Related Improvements
    • Added a search option in the Assign search window to only search on users not already assigned
    • Added Employee Class to the ‘View/Export More Detail’ version of the Compliance Report
    • Fixed an issue causing separated employees to be incorrectly listed as active employees
    • Updated the ‘Out of Compliance’ warnings section on the ‘My Team’ tab to include all of the employees in the supervisor’s reporting structure and show more relevant compliance status information
    • New Bulk Assign Process is now available to Compliance Administrators
      • Takes into account if users are already assigned or registered – help document available here.
  • Financial Updates and Fixes
    • Added an ‘Other’ type for cart add-ons to use for items like t-shirts, dinner tickets, campus tours, etc
    • Fixed an issue with waitlist registrations calculating the price incorrectly when ‘price by date’ pricing was configured
    • Corrected an issue with the Cart Add On Revenue report not showing quantity correctly
  • Minors Compliance – Protection of Minors Form updates
    • Added the ability to create external accounts with the staff import on the Protection of Minors Compliance Form
    • Updated Compliance Liaison role to have full access to all forms
    • Fixed an issue preventing saving some forms
    • Updated viewing permissions of form editors and improved general functionality on the form
  • Initial Development of Youth Activities (Registration for participants under the age of 18)
    • Youth Activity registration includes many features currently included in course/instance registration – enhanced roster management, integration with Peoplesoft Financials, secure payments, registration questions and standardized form management.
    • Added the ability for Guest Users to create family accounts with one parent and multiple minors
    • Integrated Youth Activity registration with Protection of Minors compliance forms to prevent duplication of effort


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