System Updates for 5/31 – 6/24

REPORTER Highlight: Expanded Functionality Transfer functionality has been improved and will soon allow transfer between courses, click here to learn more!


The REPORTER Production environment has been recently updated with the following functionality:

  • Course Management
    • Updated final attendance to better support rosters of over 500 users
      • If there are 500 or more registrants in your instance, you must search to display registrants within the attendance window
      • Admins can still use the ‘Mark All’ feature to change blank attendance, even if those users are not displayed in the window/search results.
    • Instance registration reports were not updating correctly once Final Attendance had been entered – this has been fixed and the registration reports now update nightly at 11pm
    • Updated the Course Liaison role to include completing registrations on instances that are past the instance end date  
    • Updated the “Assign Participants” tab by removing outdated compliance reporting and converting it a tab solely used for recommending courses; click here for more details.
    • Added a communication setting to allow Course Admins to determine whether they want to be notified via email when participants cancel their registration to an instance
      • Setting is set to “No” by default.  Course Admins will need to update the setting on the instances they wish to be notified of cancellations (drops)
      • Course Admins will always be notified of drops on courses with a cost
    • Updated External Liaison roster and View/Export More Detail roster as they were not pulling the correct name field
    • Catalog – Now sorting list of instances under a course by date rather than instance number
  • Certificate Programs
    • Added a setting to allow Certificate Program Administrators to set a maximum number of seats available in the program
  • General Reporting Improvements
    • Updated all roster emailing functions to include a free cc: field in which Course Admins can enter email addresses they want to copy on the email message
  • Compliance
    • Corrected an issue with the compliance email job that was preventing the 30 day reminders from going out
    • Protection of Minors – The Minors compliance form has been fully updated with pending changes; including improved reports, layout, emails, scheduling functionality, and expanded status tracking. Additionally, the staff import functionality has been updated to include all staff fields so that admins can more easily add and update staff information. The template can also be reuploaded to update data on staff already added to the form.
  • Youth Activities
    • Updated the Order Summary to include the start and end date of the program
    • Registration Questions can now be enforced on pay later registrations, including registrations via bulk import. Registrants will be prompted to complete the questions prior to redirecting to the payment screens.
    • Answers to questions in the cart will only be available if the registrant has paid.
    • Completed development on the transfer process for youth programs, including confirming financial aspects


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