System Update for 10/13 – 11/8

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  • The REPORTER Production Environment was recently updated with the latest release. Below are the highlights of the update, to see the full detailed list please click here.
    • Course Admins and Course Liaisons are now be able to transfer registrants on their roster to different instances of the same course, or to an instance of another course in their 2 digit OUC
    • Course Registration Report now includes a registration date column and a registration date status column. This report is also now accessible by Course Admins.
    • Resolved an issue with course prerequisites not enforcing properly
    • Fixed an issue causing the name of completed users to be missing in the Completion Notification email sent to Course Admins.
    • Added a button to View/Export more detail on the SACS Data Report. (Reports > Course/Instances > SACS Data Report)
    • Compliance History report now includes course completion information for assigned users
    • Updated the Minors Compliance Form, including help text, new settings, and an updated form review status (‘Reviewed – Compliance Met’ changed to ‘Reviewed – Compliance In Progress’)
    • Added a text field to allow Course Admins to provide instructions/additional details in the cart for Cart Add-ons


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