System Update – Moodle Integration Enhancements

REPORTER Highlight: Moodle Integration Enhancement The integration between REPORTER and Moodle has been updated to provide additional flexibility and functionality to REPORTER Course Admins. Click here to view the updated support page!


We are now including the REPORTER instance information in registration requests to Moodle and completion requests back to REPORTER.  The help documentation for integration has been updated and the following documents are recommended to be reviewed by all Course Administrators using Moodle integration:

  • Setup Considerations + Best Practices
    • Since we are now tracking instance information, you can integrate multiple REPORTER instances to a single Moodle course and receive completion information from Moodle back into REPORTER. You should ONLY connect multiple instances to the same space if users will not be registering for more than one of those instances.
    • Again – this option is ONLY recommended in cases where participants will only be registering for one of the REPORTER instances connecting to a single Moodle course. If users need credit for multiple instances, either each instance needs a separate Moodle space, or a manual process will need to be introduced. 
      • Registrants can be connected to the same Moodle course via only one REPORTER instance. If participants register for more than one instance, they will be missing the Access Online Content button on the latter registration(s).  This includes active and inactive instances.  It is recommended that the registrants who did not complete the previous instance be dropped from the old instance so that they can be reconnected through the active instance.
      • It is highly recommended that the setting in REPORTER’s instance setup for ‘Unenroll on drop’ be set to “YES”.   If this option is set to no, registrants who cancel their registration will not be removed from the Moodle course but they will lose the Access Online Content button on their REPORTER dashboard. Because the registrant was not dropped from the Moodle course, they will not receive the Access Online Content button for any new registrations and their completion may not return correctly. 


Have you checked out the REPORTER resources quick reference sheet? Take a look at! To report issues, provide feedback, or get information about a previous request, please contact us at

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