Request Forms (submenu page)

Click here to open the support request form

  • Request for Course Admin Access: If your group is already using REPORTER and you have a new person that needs access to edit/manage existing courses or create new courses.
  • Request for Compliance Admin Access: If your department has a compliance based course in REPORTER and you need a new person to have access to view compliance reports and assign the requirement.
  • Request Certificate Program Admin Access: If your group is already met with REPORTER support to review your certificate needs, and you have a new person that needs access to edit, manage, and create certificate programs.
  • Request New Subcategories: While Subject Areas are fixed, Areas of Interest can be added per a Course Admins request.
  • Request Location Addition or Update: Use this form to request a location to be added to the REPORTER system for use on a form or activity setup.
  • Request Custom Training: If you or your department need administrative training about how to use REPORTER, you can submit a request to schedule zoom-facilitated training on specific topics relevant to your group.
  • Web Services Request Form: If you are working with the REPORTER team to setup a web service.

If you have questions about any of these forms, please contact us.