Request for Course Admin Access

Course Admins will have full access to edit and otherwise manage the courses they are added to. As a reminder, any user in the system can register others, the Course Admin role is for people who truly need to edit and manage the course.

To have a new user added as a course admin or given the course admin role, complete the form below.

If we have any followup questions based on your responses, access will not be granted until we receive a response to the follow up questions.

ACTIVE UNITY LOGIN IS REQUIRED......FOR MORE HELP OR ADDITIONAL DETAILS, PLEASE VISIT: _____________ You are required to log in with your Unity Credentials before completing this form. To log in, click the link in the bottom right hand corner labeled 'Log in'. --- You will be asked to enter your Unity ID, and then you will be directed to Shibboleth. ___________**!!After logging in you may or may not be directed back to the correct page. In case you are not redirected, please copy the current URL so you can return after logging in.!!**__