2022 System Update Release Notes

This report includes all release notes published in 2022, sorted by Topic

Release Date
CEU Portal Corrected CEU Portal issue where editors could not add rosters for instances with recurring schedules 10-07-2022
CEU Portal Corrected issues related to adding and removing schedule blocks in the CEU Portal. 10-04-2022
CEU Portal Registrations are no longer allowed for instances awaiting CEU Request approval – approval is required before taking registrations 03-11-2022
CEU Portal Updated CEU Requests Report by adding the name of the person who finalized the request 03-11-2022
CEU Portal Corrected missing schedule dates on the CEU dashboard and reports 06-09-2022
Certificate Programs Improved the layout of the ‘List’ view catalog search results. 09-09-2022
Certificate Programs Fixed issue where Certificate Admins could not import registrations for participants who were also currently selected in a cart. 11-18-2022
Certificate Programs Corrected an issue preventing Certificate Program Admins from adding elective program items after registration has begun. 11-18-2022
Certificate Programs Removed inactive course results seen by Certificate Program Participants searching with a program they are in as a filter. 09-09-2022
Certificate Programs Ability to inactivate elective options now includes validation with respect to the required number for completion. Certificate Program Admins are required to have enough active electives, and will be stopped if the number of inactive electives will make the number of options less than or equal to the require number of electives. 09-09-2022
Certificate Programs Participants are no longer able to duplicate registrations by submitting an application with only Supervisor Approval Required prior to being registered by a Program Admin. 09-09-2022
Certificate Programs Fixed issue with Certificate Program cancellations that were not being added to refund queue 08-16-2022
Certificate Programs Certificate Programs now include an ‘Audit’ section to track basic dates and actions related to editing the program. This section is shown on the final step of the program details/setup 05-24-2022
Certificate Programs Corrected an issue preventing participants that were 100% complete upon registering for a program to be marked complete. 05-24-2022
Certificate Programs Corrected issues around application setup for Certificate Programs, including errors around incomplete setup 05-24-2022
Certificate Programs Added the cancellation fee field to the Certificate Program drop request approval window 05-24-2022
Certificate Programs Improved the Certificate Program Participant Details window to include program status and completion date (if completed) 05-24-2022
Certificate Programs Added ‘Pending Program Document Items’ button on Certificate Program dashboard 05-24-2022
Certificate Programs Add balance due column on both the Certificate Program roster and dashboard 01-18-2022
Certificate Programs Added Certificate Programs Registration page under Participant Management 03-11-2022
Certificate Programs Bulk Registration template has been updated to allow Program Admins to create accounts for new Brickyard users, indicate the order owner and include discount codes. 03-11-2022
Certificate Programs Corrected the ‘Supervisor’ field in the Detailed Roster report 03-11-2022
Certificate Programs Expanded Enrollment History report to include records for Certificate Programs and Youth Activities 03-11-2022
Certificate Programs If an instance has an enrollment restriction related to a Certificate Program, only program participants who have paid in full for the program registration can register for the related instances 03-11-2022
Certificate Programs Multiple improvements to Certificate Program roster and dashboard pages 03-11-2022
Certificate Programs No longer including cancelled or in progress orders on Certificate Program roster or dashboard view of participants 01-28-2022
Certificate Programs Updated Certificate Program Report to exclude invalid orders 03-11-2022
Certificate Programs No longer allowing Certificate Program Admins to change required courses in a program. 06-09-2022
Certificate Programs Improved email functionality on the Certificate Program roster 05-24-2022
Certificate Programs Corrected an issue preventing participants from printing their Certificate Program Training Summary. 05-24-2022
Certificate Programs Certificate Program Admins can now see more financial details about their program using the “Financial Reports” link found in the left-side menu Reports section 05-24-2022
Certificate Programs Certificate Bulk Registration expanded to include the option to create accounts and specify a single order owner 05-24-2022
Certificate Programs Added ability for participants to register others for Certificate Programs that do not have an application process 05-24-2022
Certificate Programs Added functionality to cancel participant registrations from a certificate program and the related instances at the same time 05-24-2022
Certificate Programs Added the ability for Certificate Program Admins to ‘Inactivate’ an elective course item for the program. This retains credit for those who already completed but prevents further credit from applying towards the program. 06-09-2022
Course / Instance Corrected an issue with the enrollment numbers displayed in the SACS Data Report not updating automatically. 12-01-2022
Course / Instance Completed numerous visual updates to course administration, details about which can be seen in the related help document. 09-09-2022
Course / Instance Improved layout and terminology in the drop request window seen by Participants. 10-04-2022
Course / Instance Fixed issue with recurring schedules changing times based on Daylight Savings Time. 10-04-2022
Course / Instance Updated functionality around uploading a Signature file for Completion Certificates to address an issue with the file disappearing after saving changes. 11-18-2022
Course / Instance Historical Completion imports are now including the trigger of Post-Course Survey Emails notifications if that feature is enabled. 11-18-2022
Course / Instance Added a column for ‘Discount Code’ to the Course Registration report option for “Rosters with Brickyard Account Fields”. Added a column for ‘Registration Date’ on the Additional Roster Information report obtained from the instance roster tab. 11-18-2022
Course / Instance Updated Bulk Registration imports for instances to use price-by-date settings. 11-18-2022
Course / Instance Added development to better enforce seat counts during high volume registration windows. 11-22-2022
Course / Instance The setting for including the course’s instances in the SACS Report has been removed, and all instances are now included by default. 09-09-2022
Course / Instance Fixed issue with bulk registrations not properly implementing ‘Price by date’ when applying discounts. 11-18-2022
Course / Instance Updated the details included in the instructors “View” window that is accessible from their dashboard 09-09-2022
Course / Instance Made visual updates to the ‘View’ layout for both course and instance 09-09-2022
Course / Instance Added Functionality to LMS Post Log tab in course/instance to make tab visible when instance has Moodle or related LMS Posts. Updated the LMS POST Logs tab, seen when editing an instance, to display when the Moodle settings are disabled if there were any connections within the instance. 10-04-2022
Course / Instance Added functionality that can be enabled during Moodle Maintenance periods or known outages which will inform users if Moodle is unavailable 08-05-2022
Course / Instance Fixed errors seen when accessing instance setup as a Financial Liaison 09-09-2022
Course / Instance Expanded the cancellation window for instance rosters to include: a column for “Order Number”, and search fields for: ‘Active Employee’ Y/N, ‘Active Student’ Y/N and ‘Order Number’ 05-24-2022
Course / Instance Improved logic around inactivating registration questions, including no longer including them as an available option when adding questions in the cart. 05-24-2022
Course / Instance Added a link to “Preview” individual question options when selecting Questions for Participants 05-24-2022
Course / Instance Added First and Last Name fields to the Course Completion API 05-24-2022
Course / Instance Updated Course Catalog Information report to only include instances that are active and have a registration end date in the future 01-18-2022
Course / Instance Updated the ‘Cancel Registrations’ window to include search fields for ‘Active Student?’ and ‘Active Employee?’ 03-11-2022
Course / Instance Added an optional field to the Instance set up for Semester. This field will only be used for reporting. 06-09-2022
Course / Instance Added additional reporting under Reports > Course/Instance Reporting > Course Registration Report to allow Course Admins to pull combined instance rosters at the Course level. Tabs include search fields and additional information for employees, students and Brickyard accounts. 05-24-2022
Course / Instance Added Bulk Drop functionality for Course Admins cancelling multiple registrations within the same instance. Course Admins can now import an Excel file containing actively registered users that should be dropped from the instance, including options for per-person drop reasons or ‘blanket’ reason. Details about the limitations and how to use this option are available in the linked documentation. 05-24-2022
Course / Instance Expanded Bulk Registration functionality for instances with a cost to allow for identification of a single order owner. 05-24-2022
Course / Instance Updated bulk registration process so that registrations that require payment cannot be registered and marked complete during the same import. Participants should be imported as ‘Pay Later’ registrants prior to importing completion dates. 01-18-2022
Course / Instance Updated the ‘Courses’ section of the Activity Details reports available to participants. 03-11-2022
Financials Updated Instance bulk registration to enforce price by date settings, including when a Discount is used. 11-18-2022
Financials Expanded access for Financial Liaison’s to Instance Registration Report 11-18-2022
Financials Added search fields for OUC and Activity Dates to the Registration Financials report for Youth Activities 11-18-2022
Financials Added administrative functionality for REPORTER Support staff to inactivate Project and Billing Project IDs 10-04-2022
Financials Changed the label for Pay Later to ‘Payment Instructions’ and added additional functionality for email reminders 10-04-2022
Financials Removed the automatic OUC Filter for Financials Admins viewing the Revenue Report for CEUs 10-04-2022
Financials Fixed an issue where Cart Add-Ons were missing the corresponding OUC in the Revenue Report tab for Cart Add-ons. 10-04-2022
Financials Added cart add on donations to the Revenue Report. 08-05-2022
Financials Donations from cart add-ons are now included in the Financial Donations report 08-05-2022
Financials Updated button label for clarity in overpaid orders section of the Refunds tab 10-04-2022
Financials The Financial Admin role now has the ability to add a Billing Project ID 10-04-2022
Financials Corrected errors when accessing financial reports with course admin role 11-18-2022
Financials Updated Registration Financials report to include OUC, course ID and instance start/end date 11-18-2022
Financials Updated Registration Financials report Program tab to include OUC and program ID as searchable fields 11-18-2022
Financials Fixed an issue with an error displaying on the Cart Add on tab in the Revenue Report 03-15-2022
Financials Updated the Finance tab load times for Financial Admins 05-24-2022
Financials Added “Order Status” to all tabs across the Revenue Report 03-11-2022
Financials Added Deposit Slip Number field to View Payment Info screen 03-11-2022
Financials Added details about Moodle space to the Instance Settings section of the Financial Reports 03-11-2022
Financials Added help text to the ‘Post Payment’ area of the payment details screen to improve clarity for administrative users 03-11-2022
Financials Added time stamps to the Invalid Orders tab 03-11-2022
Financials Changed column heading on Discount Report to say “Discount Amount” 01-18-2022
Financials Corrected a reporting error in the Discount Report for Youth Activities that was impacting data for retroactively applied discounts 01-18-2022
Financials Corrected an issue that prevented the addition of a check payment or cc correction payment to a paid order if it caused an overpayment 03-11-2022
Financials Corrected an issue with discount code setup (made additional field required) that was causing participants to get a generic error when applying an incorrect code 03-11-2022
Financials Corrected an issue with how refunds were being generated when only refunding the cost of a cart add-on item 03-11-2022
Financials Course Admins now have access to view Financial Reports for their courses using the left side menu ‘Reports’ option in REPORTER 03-11-2022
Financials Donation refunds are now showing in the Refunds List 03-11-2022
Financials Fixed an issue causing an error to be present to Financial Admins on the Pricing tab of financial setup 01-18-2022
Financials If a Cart Add-On is setup as the type “Donation”, the Revenue Project setup field is limited to projects that begin with a 7 01-18-2022
Financials Resolved a generic error being displayed for Financial Admins attempting to view the Refunds History tab 01-18-2022
Financials Updated Canceled Orders tab to filter by provisioned OUC for Financial Admins 03-11-2022
Financials Updated Cart-Add On Setup so that any Item with the Type “Donation” must be set to a revenue project id with a subclass of 79 03-11-2022
Financials Updated CEU Participants Report export function and made report available to Financial Liaisons 03-11-2022
Financials Updated Order Summary to include additional details related to payments that included a donation 03-11-2022
Financials Updated the Price drop down field used during activity setup with a search function 03-11-2022
Financials – Payment Plans Corrected an issue with the display of order totals for payment plan orders 01-18-2022
Financials – Payment Plans Corrected issues with Payment Plan setup and restored editablity for the Financial Admin role 01-18-2022
Financials – Payment Plans Enhanced Payment Plans functionality – contact reporter_support@ncsu.edu to begin using payment plans. 01-18-2022
General Updated the default landing page for users on a mobile device. Participants will now be brought directly to their dashboard which includes sections like Upcoming Courses and Completed Activities. 10-04-2022
General Added functionality to temporarily reduce what is automatically loaded on a participant’s homepage during busy registration times 10-07-2022
General Made visual improvements to the catalog search results and updated the ‘browse’ link on the landing page to go directly to the catalog search. 09-09-2022
General Updated homepage background photo seen prior to log in. 09-09-2022
General Completed an upgrade for the Mendix Platform that is used to by REPORTER. This included some minor visual changes. 09-09-2022
General Completed platform updates related to Shibboleth login security updates 01-18-2022
General Corrected an issue with manual email options (as seen on Instance Roster, and Assigned Participants), causing emails with over 1000 recipients to fail to send 03-11-2022
Memberships Added balance due column to the membership roster 10-04-2022
Memberships Fixed an issue where required profile fields were not being enforced properly for Membership registrations. 09-09-2022
Memberships # of Members value on the Group Dashboard is now only reflecting the number of active members 01-18-2022
Memberships Added a ‘Memberships’ tab to participant profile to provide self-service details 03-11-2022
Memberships Added cart add-on options to membership purchases 03-11-2022
Memberships Added settings to enable enrollment restrictions enforced for those joining the group or membership 03-11-2022
Memberships Corrected an issue allowing users to bypass restrictions in specific cart add-on scenarios 01-18-2022
Memberships Rename column headings on member reports for clarity 01-18-2022
Required Training Expanded search options available within Compliance Reports – Significant additions include: Employee Class filter available for assigning, unassigning, and changing due dates 10-04-2022
Required Training Corrected an issue with sorting date columns on the Detailed Assigned user report. 10-04-2022
Required Training Updated functionality to the ‘Assign’ window so that all Assign & Register actions use a single email template. Two step assign and register has been removed. Additionally, the search option can be used to identify users for assignment & registration without importing a file. To see more about the Assign window and where to find it as a Compliance Admin, please see the related help document. 10-04-2022
Required Training Fixed Alternate Refresher functionality and completions of alternate courses are now being correctly applied to the requirement for completion credit. 05-24-2022
Required Training Expanded details available on the ‘Compliance by Participant’ report which now includes search options around Due Date, Most Recent Related completion, and columns providing additional registration-related data 05-24-2022
Required Training Improved availability of notes for archived requirements, including leaving an option to add new notes after archiving. 03-18-2022
Required Training Corrected an issue with the timing of compliance emails sent when a due date passes. 05-24-2022
Required Training In order to support reporting and functionality associated with compliance requirements with alternate refresher courses, a tab has been added to the primary compliance report to display related alternate completions and apply credit towards the requirement. For more about this tab, see doc 05-24-2022
Required Training Corrected issues around when the ‘Register’ option was displaying on participant dashboards, and what instances were being included as options 03-18-2022
Required Training Corrected an issue with assignment emails sending unexpectedly to registrants who are in compliance upon assignment but have no refresher/future due date. 06-09-2022
Required Training Add a search page to the Supervisor window for assigning employees that allows them exclude anyone already assigned from the search results (see Step 6 of ‘Managing Employees: Assign Training as Required’ from the document “NC State Supervisor & Participant Liaison Guide (Manager help documentation)”) 01-18-2022
Required Training Added a column for ‘Email’ to the Compliance warnings page given to Supervisors – more details about this feature available in the linked help document and on this support page: https://go.ncsu.edu/supervisorhelp 03-11-2022
Required Training Added a search field for “Supervisor Email” to the Primary Compliance Report *Note: this field can be used to confirm which employees a particular person was emailed about in a Supervisor Notification* 03-11-2022
Required Training Added a tab for “Email History” when managing assignments for a specific requirement. Email History records will only include email messages that have the name of the requirement in the subject line. All automated emails will include the requirement name by default, but admins are advised to be mindful of this when considering changing the name of a requirement. 03-11-2022
Required Training Added an option to email users from the compliance report, allowing compliance admins to identify and contact specific portions of their audience. 01-18-2022
Required Training Added an option to the ‘External Courses’ dashboard page to apply previous approvals to existing users 03-11-2022
Required Training Added email address column to the Compliance ‘Notes’ report 03-11-2022
Required Training Added paging menu to the external course history tab on the manage courses dash-tab 03-11-2022
Required Training Administrative update to deactivate any required training assignments applied to System Inactive users from requirement assignments. 03-11-2022
Required Training Corrected an issue preventing compliance due date reminders from sending as expected on the day following a user’s due date 03-11-2022
Required Training Improved the ‘Compliance by Participant’ report as follows: – Added a column for “Email” – Added a search field for “Registration Status” – Improved existing search field labels – Added Due Date search options – Added ‘Most Recent completion’ search options 03-11-2022
Required Training Improved the availability and added help details for the ‘Refresh’ option found on the My Team tab. 03-11-2022
User Management Added an option to “Edit” Brickyard User accounts when reviewing a user in ‘Participant Management’. 10-13-2022
User Management Activity Admins with access to Guest Account Management can now edit Legal Names. 10-04-2022
User Management Made visual changes to Participant Management page. 03-11-2022
Youth Activities Registration for Youth Activities can now be set to require specific account fields during registration, including requiring Phone number and Address fields 11-18-2022
Youth Activities Fixed issue where price by date was not being considered during bulk imports for Youth Activity registration. 11-18-2022
Youth Activities Updated copy functionality for creating Youth Activities to: (1) fix an issue with the new ID length is longer than the character limit, and (2) automatically add the person who creates the copy as an admin of the activity. 10-04-2022
Youth Activities We are no longer including a section for Allergies, Medications, and Considerations within the profile setup of minors in a family. If required, this information should be included in the program’s required forms. 10-04-2022
Youth Activities Required Youth Activity cart add-ons are now being included on registrations created using the bulk upload process 11-18-2022
Youth Activities Youth Activity Admins now have access to the Participant Management page, which can be used to look up/manage participant registrations. 05-24-2022
Youth Activities Added roster button for Youth Activity Admins to refresh the ‘Forms Complete?’ column on the roster 06-15-2022
Youth Activities Improved youth activity deeplinks to include better messaging outside of registration window dates 06-09-2022
Youth Activities Updated forms listed to exclude records for participants that cancelled their registration 03-11-2022
Youth Activities Youth Activity Admins now have the ability to see (but not change) details about Custom Forms that have been enabled for the activity when reviewing Step 6 of the setup. 03-11-2022
Youth Activities Updated the login window on the Youth Activity registration pages to only include the Brickyard Account login button 05-24-2022
Youth Activities Correct an issue where overnight camps were displayed as one long schedule block, instead of being divided by days. 01-18-2022
Youth Activities Corrected an issue where participants registering for Youth Activites were not getting directed to Cart when using a Mobile device 01-18-2022
Youth Activities Corrected issues seen in Youth Activity Schedule setup that caused problems for certain multi-day session use cases 03-11-2022
Youth Activities Created a report for Youth Cart addons that displays the name of the youth participant 03-11-2022
Youth Activities Updated ‘Enrollment History’ report for Youth Activities to be a separate from the one for Instances 03-11-2022
Youth Activities Now displaying only the available activities in the 4 digit OUC when transferring a youth participant from one activity to another 11-18-2022
Youth Activities Updated the ‘Amount Due’ value seen from the Youth Activity roster to include both registration and Cart add-on fees. 10-04-2022
Youth Activities Youth Activity Registration report results are now sorting by registration date 10-04-2022
Youth Activities Updated bulk registration for Youth Activities to account for Price by Date settings, including when a Discount is being applied. 11-18-2022
Youth Activities Added new communication preferences settings to Youth Activity Setup to include options to be notified when someone registers, or how many seats are left. 11-18-2022
Youth Activities Added waitlist numbers to Youth Activity Registration Report 10-07-2022
Youth Activities Added additional optional fields to youth activity bulk registration import 11-18-2022
Youth Programs – Compliance Added the ability for Form Editors to copy an existing minors compliance form in order to make a new one. 10-04-2022
Youth Programs – Compliance Corrected an issue causing a generic error for Youth Admins attempting to download a PDF copy of Minors Compliance form that included special characters. 11-18-2022
Youth Programs – Compliance Added system checks to prevent new youth activities from being opened for registration if associated with a finalized Youth Program form. Additionally, added warning for Minors Compliance Liaison if they are attempting to finalize a program with registrations for active and future youth activity dates. 11-18-2022
Youth Programs – Compliance Updated language on Youth Activity General Participation Waiver to match the latest version from General Counsel. 10-04-2022
Youth Programs – Compliance Updated the exportable PDF of Minors Compliance form to match new settings. 10-04-2022
Youth Programs – Applications Youth Program Application confirmation email messages sent upon submission of the application can now be set to include both the parent and the child email addresses. 11-18-2022
Youth Programs – Applications Updated functionality around initiating a Youth Application when Brickyard Account information is required. 11-18-2022
Youth Programs – Applications Added a “No Longer Considered” category for Youth Application management 05-24-2022
Youth Programs – Applications Added application submission date and time to youth application page 05-24-2022
Youth Programs – Applications Fixed “Download All Documents” button on Youth Application page 04-18-2022
Youth Programs – Applications Added validation to Youth Applications to prevent application submissions using an @ncsu.edu email 10-04-2022
Youth Programs – Applications Added ‘price by date’ functionality as an option for youth activities 02-01-2022