REPORTER updates this Friday, November 10th

REPORTER Release 8.13 includes navigation changes and dashboard enhancement. While there are no changes in primary functionality, several areas of the system have been reorganized and enhanced. Please review the information below as it is relevant to you and when providing support for your participants. 

The REPORTER dashboard will be updated this Friday, November 10th. While the primary focus is to improve performance, the new dashboard will have a significantly different look. The changes involve reorganizing the tabs and sections on the previous dashboard into a ‘tiled’ view.  Please see the Dashboard documentation for more information. 

A new version of the REPORTER catalog was released on Monday, November 6th. In addition to an updated look and feel, the catalog has been redeveloped to allow participants to search more efficiently with better technical performance. To view highlights of the new catalog, please see the Catalog Improvements

This update will include navigational changes for all users of the system. The updates change where items were previously located, including the tabs at the top of the dashboard and ‘Attention Required’ items. To view the navigational changes, please see the REPORTER Navigational Updates.

Additional document is available reviewing the impacts to Required Training sections specifically: 

Dashboard updates – Required Training