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Compliance Email changes Release 6.5_10.6.21

Compliance Daily Event Emails_10.6.21

Hi everyone,

We are currently working on development to address some performance issues in the system specifically related to Compliance emails. Based on the feedback we have previously collected during Working Group meetings and review with our development team, we are implementing a few changes to scheduled Compliance Emails per the following details.
We are confident that the transition will not be disruptive to assignees and will alleviate some confusion based on the questions we currently see frequently. Additionally, these changes bring significant improvements to the system on the server side, including much improved processing time.
The changes we are implementing will not impact assignment emails nor emails that are sent as a result of an assign/unassign or assign & register actions. Instead, we are referring to the emails that we trigger as scheduled system events including: Out of Compliance warnings, Notice to Supervisors, and Notice to Compliance Contacts.
The biggest change is an adjustment to the “Out of Compliance” emails. We will be splitting the current job for ‘Out of Compliance’ email into several parts.  Those changes are as follows:
  • The email sent the day after the due date will be an email sent directly to the assignee with a cc: to the supervisor, if the notify supervisor option is enabled (in requirement settings).
  • The weekly reminder email will be sent to out of compliance assignees on Mondays.
    • This will be one email sent per requirement.
    • All assignees will be bcc’d on this email.
    • Though the weekly email will not give employees the visual indication that their supervisor was notified, the following information will be included in the email:
      • If you are an NC State employee, please note that your Supervisor also received a notification advising them of your compliance status, which they can also monitor directly in REPORTER.
  • Requirements with the ‘Notify Supervisor’ option enabled will send a weekly Out of Compliance email notice on Tuesdays.
    • This will be one email per requirement to Supervisors letting them know that they have employees who are out of compliance for that requirement.
    • The email will provide instructions to look at the compliance report in REPORTER.
We have created some resources both to review the changes being made and confirm what the updated email messages will include. Please let us know if you have any trouble reviewing those as linked below:
We anticipate that these changes will go live in the next couple weeks, but will follow up with an email once a specific date is set.
If you have any additional questions, please let us know.


Coming Soon

There are two categories that Compliance emails fall under as it relates to when the emails are sent. Emails are either sent:

a). As a result of specific user action in the system.

b). On a specific schedule and depending on requirement settings and assignee compliance status.


Assignment Emails triggered by User Action include:

  • Assignment Email: Notification to participant when training is assigned
  • Assign & Register Email: Notification sent when a user is assigned and registered for required training during a bulk import
  • Unassigned Email: Notification sent to user if their required training assignment is removed

Schedule Emails sent for Required Training:

  • Upcoming Due Date email is a warning sent to assigned users that are approaching their due date in either 30, 14, or 1 day(s).
  • Due Date Passed Warning is the 1st Out of Compliance Warning sent to assigned users the day after they were due.
  • Out of Compliance Warning is a weekly warning to remind assigned users with a status of “Out Of Compliance” that action is still needed for them to be marked “In Compliance”.
  • Supervisor Notice – Out of Compliance: Weekly notice to Supervisors to alert them if they have employees who are out of compliance for a requirement.
  • Notice to Compliance Contact Weekly notification to inform Compliance Contact if assigned users currently have a status of “Out of Compliance”.