System Update for June – September 2021

User Tip: Extending Instances after End Date Extending the end date of your online instance? If your instance is inactive because it has gone past the end date, be sure to use Mark Active to reopen an inactive instance! For more information about reopening a closed or inactive instance, click here.


Completed Development Updates
Below are the highlights from recent updates to the REPORTER production environment; a full list including additional details can be seen here.

  • New Integration developed to support use of the external LMS, EVERFI – click here for more information
  • Expanded management options for Course/Activity Admins updating Brickyard Accounts
  • Gave instructors the ability to update their own instructor profiles (click to see help documentation)
  • Updated Catalog search results to sort alphabetically (by course or certificate name)
  • Instance prices can no longer be changed once registrations have occurred – if changes are needed, a new instance should be created and existing participants can be transferred.
  • Instances are now requiring contact information that participants can use to request ADA accommodations 
  • Instances tied to a Moodle Project space can now specify an enrollment window of up to 1825 days
    • The enrollment window field is only used at the time of registration. Enrollment windows for users who are currently registered must be updated within Moodle.
  • In addition to those highlights, numerous areas of the system also received general updates and improvements including:
    • Ability to administratively create ‘pay later’ orders
    • Financial reporting and administrative functions, including expanded support for Bluefin payment
    • Instance setup fields & validation
    • Minors Compliance form management and workflows
    • Mobile pages commonly used by participants during and after registration
    • Registration checkout, particularly when cost is involved
    • Reports for activity admins


Coming Soon – New Development to consider
A System Update will be sent out following our next major release that also includes details about what development was completed. However, there are a few specific areas of development that we feel are worth taking note of in order to be prepared for when the new development is released. Please see the details and resources included below and reach out to REPORTER Support if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Introduction of enforcement options for Prerequisite Courses: Prior to these changes, prerequisite courses would allow users to ‘meet’ the criteria based on registration status, as opposed to completion. This option allows those who are signing up for a series of courses, to do so without waiting for each one to end and provide credit. The setup for picking the prerequisite course or courses will now include an option to indicate if the users have to complete the prerequisite prior to registration. By default, all existing setup will be set to base the enforcement on registration, as that is how it has worked in the past. Course Admins can then log into REPORTER, edit their instance and prerequisite setup to change the setting to require prior completion
  • Account Management Navigation for Brickyard Users: Brickyard accounts are those created using an email that does not end in ‘’. Unlike Unity Accounts, Brickyard users are able to update their Name, Email, Login ID, and/or Password through their REPORTER profile. The links in the My Account area will no longer require users to go to their email for a reset link before completing the process
  • Compliance Email Changes (Daily Events): Emails that are sent to users as they approach, or after they pass, their end date for Required Training are sent on a scheduled basis. We have broken up the scheduled job that sends these emails which included updating Template content, improving basic functionality for emails,  and resolving active email issues. We are confident that the transition will not be disruptive to assignees and will alleviate some confusion based on the questions we currently see frequently. Additionally, these changes bring significant improvements to the system on the server side, including much improved processing time (click here for more details).
  • Permissions for Supervisor access for Requirements: At this time, Supervisors have the ability to assign active Compliance Requirements to their reporting employees, and unassign those they assigned. New settings will be added allowing the requirement setup to Allow or Disallow Supervisors access to assign the requirement. This will allow Compliance Admins to have full control over all assign/unassign actions. The setting will only be editable by REPORTER Support, and the Compliance Liaison for EHPS. Please reach out to REPORTER Support if you anticipate using this feature. 


Support Resource Updates
The REPORTER Support site includes numerous resources for users of REPORTER including help documentation for participants and administrative roles. The following resources were recently published or revamped:

» Resources for those offering or looking to offer online activities, including:

Getting Started: Offering Online Training or Content with REPORTER: Review of what we mean by ‘online training’, and the options to consider for an LMS

Offering Online Training using Moodle + REPORTER: Numerous updates to documentation, including expansion of Frequently Asked Questions, specifically for Course Admins using Moodle

Using REPORTER with EverFi: Overview of the new integration functionality and support for those working with this integration

FAQ for External LMS: Basic list of common questions from Course Admins offering online training using a link they provide to students

» Numerous updates were completed for the following pages found on the REPORTER Support website:

Help for Instructors
Glossary and Roles Access Charts
Support for NC State Supervisors and designated Representatives 

» New answers added to the participant Frequently Asked Questions page:

How do I see if I have been given credit for completing a course I registered for?
What should I do if I am missing completion credit?


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