System Update for February – Mid March 2021

REPORTER Tip: Best Practices for Course Admins Did you know registrants will only see courses on their Training Summary if they have received a Final Attendance status of either Pass or Completed? A Course Admin or Instructor should be updating final attendance for participants that need completion credit (unless your instance is integrated with Moodle and setup to track completions automatically). If the final attendance is not marked, the participants will not see the course on their training summary nor under the ‘Completed Courses’ section on their dashboard. Click here for recently updated details about using Attendance!


Below are the highlights from recent updates to the REPORTER production environment; a full list that includes additional details can be seen here.

  • Completed multiple improvements to better support Course Recommendations, including improving the import template and adding the ability to customize the recommendation email message. Support documentation for this functionality can be seen here
  • Instances now provide the option to link registrants to Learning Management Systems other than Moodle; for more about this option, see the resources linked at the end of this post.
  • Membership functionality is now available. Documentation will be available on the support site soon. If your department would like to sell memberships, please contact to discuss.
  • Custom Groups tied to Enrollment Restrictions are also now available for limited use, please contact REPORTER Support to have one created. Future development will include management options for user roles such as Course Administrator, additional help documentation will be shared once available.


New Support Resources Related to Recent Development

Have you checked out the REPORTER resources quick reference sheet? Take a look at the recently updated version at! To report issues, provide feedback, or get information about a previous request, please contact us at