System Updates for March – May 2021

REPORTER Tip: Update your Bulk Import Templates If you upload spreadsheet files into REPORTER for bulk registration or similar actions, it is important to note that the import templates are updated periodically as new functionality is added to the system.  For this reason, we recommend frequently downloading a new copy of the import template.


Development Updates
Below are the highlights from recent updates to the REPORTER production environment; a full list including additional details can be seen here.

  • Release 6 Platform Upgrade: The Mendix platform used to build and develop the REPORTER application has been upgraded. This upgrade included security updates within the Mendix platform as well as a few visual changes within the REPORTER application. This upgrade allows us to continue utilizing the latest features within the development platform and should not impact any existing functionality.
  • Improved Participant Management: New option to better facilitate participant management across multiple activities as a Course Admin, Course Liaison, Compliance Admin, or Compliance Liaison – for more information visit the new help documentation Using “Participant Management”
  • Recurring Schedule Support: Now supporting recurring schedule blocks in Classroom and Webinar instances. For more information, please see the instance help guide.
  • Customizable Groups for Enrollment Restrictions: Course Admins can now manage custom groups that can be used to limit the registrants for instance(s).  This includes the ability to add, remove, and manage group members as seen in this help document Group Member Management.
  • Enhanced Instructor Profiles: Multiple improvements made to Instructor Profile management including adding a link to view existing instructor bios in the catalog and deeplinks – click here for more help managing instructor bios


Support Resource Updates
The REPORTER Support site includes numerous resources for users of REPORTER including help documentation for participants and administrative roles. The following resources were recently published or revamped:

» Brickyard Account Management:
New Help document for Course Admin, Certificate Admin, and Youth Activity Admin

» Supporting Accessibility and ADA Accommodations (Resource Guide for REPORTER Activity Admins):
New Support page has been added for administrative roles managing registration in REPORTER providing guidance on ADA accommodations. (Note that this does not include the future development item for automatic inclusion of ADA information in REPORTER)

» Options for Including Community Standards:
New help document providing suggestions for admins looking to include community standards that participants will be given

» CEU Portal Resources:
New support page providing guidance on the use of the CEU Portal in REPORTER

» Offering Online Training or Content with REPORTER:
New Support page for Course Admins reviewing functionality typically needed for online content delivery, including using the newer option related to external LMS content

» Help and Instructions for Course Admins:
Improved Support page improvements including updates to numerous documents highlighted on the page

» Using “Participant Management”:
Help document for new functionality

» Instructor Profile Options and Management:
Optional Features for Details included in Course Catalog and Deeplinks