Nov 2021 Updates – REPORTER Protection of Minors

Changes of Note:

–  Dashboard for viewing and editing compliance forms
–  Change in fields required for CIs
–  Change relating to background checks

The REPORTER system was updated in November of 2021 per the details below new development, bringing changes, improvements, and new functionality to the “Protection of Minors” component of the system.

  • New Functionality supporting Background Checks –  The REPORTER system is now in communication with the University’s Background Check system so that information relating to Covered Individuals (staff/volunteers) is accessible through the Protection of Minors Compliance Form.
    • Prior to this change, Form Editors were required to provide dates, status, and an AG Number for their staff and volunteers to verify that the necessary background check process was completed for all individuals.
    • With this change, all old forms with this information will be kept as they are, but with an indication that the details included in those fields were provided manually. Meanwhile all existing forms and all future forms will use the new functionality to fill in background check results and dates.
  • Change in fields required for CIs –  Moving forward, Form Editors will only need to provide check information for those who are Driving Minors — meaning if an individual is driving minors, you are required to indicate that and provide a date and result for the person’s driving check.
    • Instead of providing data obtained during the background check process, REPORTER will receive data from the University Background Check system on a nightly basis.
    • Form Editors will need to follow up with the Background Check office if the results expected are not returned. REPORTER will use the Covered Individuals’ information and check for a matching record in the data it received. If an individual has a completed and Endorsed background check for “Programs with Minors”, the date of when that was completed will be pulled into your form. Keep in mind that the checks should be done every three years when verifying if any checks are needed.
      • Depending on what REPORTER finds when checking for data, you will see one of the following results:
        • Not Checked – the user hasn’t been checked, and a form editor needs to click the ‘Refresh Background check Data’ option
        • No Result – did not find a ‘Program with Minors’ Endorsed Background Check for the user
        • Endorsed, with date – The background check office’s data confirmed this user is endorsed to work with minors per a background check
  • Change to the import template and related fields – Because certain fields will no longer be relevant for the compliance form covered individuals, Form Editors will see changes have been made to the window for editing staff as well as to the import that can be used to add staff. Please make sure you download the latest version of the template if you intend to import any covered individuals.
  • Updated dashboard for accessing formsThe page you see when you select the “Protect of Minors Compliance Dashboard” has received multiple improvements but should present the same overall functionality. Instead of having multiple panels with forms listed, you will only have one list.
    • The list will exclude closed forms by default, but you can search for any form using the search fields provided, which include:
      • Form Status
      • Is Online? (Yes/No)
      • Is On Campus? (Yes/No)
      • And a general field that you can use to search by any of the following: In the fields below, enter any of the following to search for a specific form: Program ID, Program Name, Division OUC, Division Name, Department Name, Prefix ID, Sponsoring Dean Full Name, Sponsoring Dean Email, Director Full Name, or Director Email
    • To access a specific form, you will click on a form from the list (using search fields if needed) and then will have options to manage staff and edit or view the form.
    • If needed, you can temporarily revert to the “old” version of the dashboard using a link to the form list (seen here).