June 2023 – REPORTER System Update and Announcements

Support Highlight: Release Note Reports Development details are now being published on our Support Site as soon as they are available. Release Notes can be found using the ‘Release Notes’ link in the right-side of Support Site footer and via the link https://go.ncsu.edu/reporter-release-notes.

Completed Development Updates
Published release notes can be seen here, below are highlights from recent updates to the REPORTER production environment:

  • Added functionality that will allow Course Admins to register participants for their instance even if it will result in exceeding the Max Seat count for the instance. With this option, admins can more effectively control adding participants from the waitlist, and avoid seat limit errors during imports.
  • Added the ability to email assigned users from the Compliance Report – similar to emailing from an instance roster, but for Compliance Admins
  • Youth Activity Highlights
    • Youth Admins now have access to the Participant Management pagewhich can be used to look up/manage participant registrations.
    • Youth Activity Admins now have better tracking options for associating applications to activity registrations and have the option to add application fees. Contact REPORTER_Support@ncsu.edu to set up an application. 
    • Addition of automated form reminders and enhanced tracking for quickly identifying missing forms.
    • Enrollment restrictions are now enforced for those wishing to add themselves to a Youth Activity Waitlist.

Registration and Management Changes around Inactive Unity Accounts

We have refined the Active/Inactive status fields on accounts to provide further flexibility to administrative users, improve data management processes, implement workflow restrictions, and generally improve the ability to select accounts as the database of separated users grows. Numerous reports and pages in REPORTER have been updated with related search options, and workflows have also been updated to take the general “Active” status into consideration before initiating new records such as creating active registrations and assignments. Additional details are available here.

Employee Data Management

When an employee leaves the University, their job data remains, including their most recent supervisor. In some cases, this is helpful and necessary for managing temporary employees and helps to avoid continuity issues for employees changing jobs, however, it has also led to a lot of confusion.

In order to assist with data and compliance management, we are now clearing the “Reports to” value in REPORTER for employees with job data that has not been updated, nor active in over 365 days. Supervisors retain the ability to see and manage separated employees for up to a year after they have left the university. The development update provides a way to dissolve the association between outdated employee records and the supervisor.

Based on their knowledge of whether the employee has a temporary appointment, is changing positions, or is fully leaving the University, supervisors should review and update the required training records as described here.  When an employee changes positions or leaves the University, their supervisor should log into REPORTER, and use their My Team page to review the employee’s training assignments and unassign as appropriate

Announcements for Upcoming Changes

New for Financial Activities

Beginning In July 2023, all Financial Activities in REPORTER including instances, youth activities, youth applications, certificate programs, and memberships will be required to have Payment Instructions for all new and updated activities. Sample Payment Instructions can be found here: Payment Instruction Samples. If you have questions regarding this change please email REPORTER_Support@ncsu.edu.

Catalog Changes Coming Soon

Numerous aspects of the catalog are being updated and improved, including making the search options more intuitive, expanding catalog setup options for Course Admins, and creating a ‘Grid View’ option for search results. If you would like to preview the new catalog layout and associated options, you can do so at go.ncsu.edu/reportertest

The following documents include information about the new setup options and additional will be available in the future:
   »  Grid View Settings in Course Setup
   »  Resizing your Image File for Catalog Grid View

Support Resource Updates

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