REPORTER System Update: March – June 2022

Support Highlight: Tips for Users Did you know your REPORTER Profile has your activity records and account details? Participants can access their profile to see numerous reports about their registration activity, training summary, email history, and more by clicking their name in the upper right corner of the REPORTER window! For more information about viewing your account records, click here; additional tips for navigation and viewing reports are available here.

Completed Development Updates
Below are highlights from recent updates to the REPORTER production environment; a full list of updates and related details can be seen here.

  • Course Registration Report is now available for Course Admins to pull combined instance rosters at the Course level. The report includes tabs that focus on various audience fields including more detailed information for employees, students and Brickyard accounts – details available here
  • Added Bulk Drop functionality for Course Admins canceling multiple registrations within the same instance; with file import identification available when there is no cost to register – details about cancellation options seen here.
  • Expanded Bulk Registration functionality for instances with a cost to allow for identification of a single order owner.
  • Improved performance to decrease the load time of the Finance tab for Financial Admin users
  • Fixed Alternate Refresher functionality and completions of alternate courses are now being correctly applied to the requirement for completion credit.
  • Numerous improvements made for Certificate Programs, including:Β 
  • Youth Activity Deeplinks have been updated to always display registration start and end dates along with better messaging outside of registration window dates (details about Youth Activity Deeplinks available here)

Support Resource Updates
The REPORTER Support site includes numerous resources for users of REPORTER including help documentation for participants and administrative roles. The following resources were recently published, improved, or expanded:

Β» New Support Site pages:
β†’ Using Import Templates in REPORTER: General details and information relevant to using any file import options in REPORTER

Β» New Help Documents
β†’ Certificate Program Admin Guide – Roster Management
β†’ Compliance – Alternate RefreshersΒ 

Β» Updated Support Site Pages
Participant Help Guides
β†’ Frequently Asked Questions
β†’ Offering Online Training using Moodle + REPORTER
β†’ Help Documents relating to Youth Programs
β†’ Help for Compliance Admins
β†’ Managing Certificate Programs
β†’ Help for Financial Admins – REPORTER Support

Β» Updated Help Documents
Accessing Your Training Summary (Participants)
β†’ Creating / Editing a Course
β†’ Course Admin Guide for Registration Cancellations & Drop Requests
β†’ Participant Guide to Certificate Programs
β†’ Certificate Program Admin – Full Guide
β†’ Certificate Program Reports
β†’ Certificate Program Admin Registration (Bulk Register and Drop)
β†’ Using “Participant Management”
β†’ Manage Setup as a Course Liaison (Updated instructions for Course Admin setup)
β†’ Viewing Compliance Reports
β†’ Post a Payment for Pay Later Orders
β†’ About Registration Links (Deeplinks) – Youth Programs
β†’ Protection of Minors Compliance Form Creation Guide
β†’ Protection of Minors Compliance Form Process
β†’ Protection of Minors – Youth Program Admin Guide

Additional Announcements

Read past updates:

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