System Update – October 2021 thru March 2022

Support Highlight: Using Import Templates – In the latest update, the Certificate Program Bulk Registration Import function was expanded to include options for applying discount codes or triggering the creation of a Brickyard Account. Remember to always Download the latest Template when using import options in REPORTER, including Bulk Registrations and Bulk Assignments, click here for more information.


Completed Development Updates
Below are highlights from recent updates to the REPORTER production environment; a full list of updates and related details can be seen here.

  • Updates made to improve processes for Compliance Email reminders, including updated templates and minor changes to which day emails are triggered – details about scheduled emails can be seen here, and the original email change announcement can be seen here.
  • Compliance Admins now have the ability to contact assigned users when viewing assigned participants, see more here.
  • Prior to recent updates, supervisors had the ability to assign any requirement, and unassign or adjust due dates of requirements they assigned. Settings have been added to enable/disable the ability for supervisors to assign, and/or unassign, and/or adjust due date. If you manage required training, please review additional details seen here about the new settings and contact if you would like to make updates to your settings.
  • Unity Users that have employees reporting to them (per NC State HR Peoplesoft system’s job data) are automatically given access in REPORTER through the My Team tab. Multiple improvements were made to better support questions from Supervisors related to required training, including:
    • Added help details and improved the availability of and  for the ‘Refresh’ option that Supervisors are advised to use on the My Team tab (as seen here
    • Updated the Compliance Warning page for Supervisors to provide the Compliance Contact Email (Seen missing here, prior to the update)
    • Added a ‘supervisor email’ search field to the Compliance Report page to aid Compliance Admins in identifying which employees a specific Supervisor may be inquiring about.
  • Setup for requiring a course as a prerequisite for another has been expanded and now includes the option to enforce the prerequisites based on either registration or completion of the prerequisite course — details about this setting can be seen here
  • The bulk registration import option for registering participants of a Certificate Program has been expanded to to include additional functionality.  Certificate Program Admins now have the option to create Brickyard accounts as part of the registration process, add discount codes, designate whether the registrations should be created as a single order and, if so, assigning an order owner. A new copy of the bulk upload template will need to be downloaded, as previous versions are no longer valid.
  • Add a section on the Participant Management page under ‘Registrations’ for Certificate Programs allowing program admins to view an individual’s registration and completion of relevant Certificate Programs
  • Enhanced visibility for Youth Program Admins to be able to view custom registration forms (set up through REPORTER Support), on the Forms, Documents and Questionnaires step (Step 6) the youth activities setup. 
  • Completed development to support requirements from University Advancement for accepting donations through REPORTER with Cart Add-Ons, including restricting the use of certain project ids for donations, reporting, and an enhanced order summary for transactions that include donations. 
  • Expanded the Membership Module with options to restrict who can enroll as a member and added functionality to accept donations as cart add-ons for membership-only purchases.
  • Course Administrators now have access to financial reports (Reports>Financial Reports) for those courses where they are included as a course administrator only. Additional information on financial reports can be found here:

Support Resource Updates
The REPORTER Support site includes numerous resources for users of REPORTER including help documentation for participants and administrative roles. The following resources were recently published, improved, or expanded:


Additional Announcements

  • Staffing Change – Position Open: Jonathan Greene left the REPORTER team in December.  If you previously worked with Jonathan and need assistance, please email us at  
  • Upcoming Campus System Outages: The Office of Information Technology will perform extended IT maintenance from 6 a.m. Saturday, April 2 to 6 p.m. Sunday, Apr 3, 2022which will impact access for Brickyard accounts to REPORTER.
  • Moodle Upgrade impacts Projects and Outreach in August: Beginning this Summer, DELTA will be implementing upgrades to the Moodle servers connected through the Wolfware System. While academic servers will be updated before Fall classes begin, the Projects and Outreach servers will be upgraded to Moodle 4 in early August. 
    • The REPORTER Team will be working with the DELTA team leading up to this upgrade to verify that the webservices between Moodle and REPORTER continue functioning as anticipated. Specific Outage dates for the upgrade of Projects and Outreach will be announced closer to the August upgrade. 
    • Please note that DELTA has indicated that the upgrade will include extensive changes towards improving user experience, and there are resources available to preview the upcoming changes (see previous link). 
    • Moodle Upgrade this Summer – Click here to see the details shared by DELTA about the Moodle 4 Upgrade


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